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Airbnb and Short-let management in Bridgwater

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Airbnb and Short-let management in Bridgwater

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We optimise occupancy for our hosts through the main distribution channels, and our own website for guests.

What Airbnb management services does Pass the Keys provide?

We can also provide extra services to help you manage your property, please discuss pricing with your local account manager

What is a professional Airbnb co-host?

Due to the size of our property portfolio and the consistent quality of our service, Pass the Keys® was invited to become an official Airbnb co-host in 2018. This exclusive status provided Pass the Keys with a key account manager and direct integration with their systems so that we could dynamically update pricing, report on guest behavior and other key metrics. We have retained our advantages as a valued partner even though Airbnb has now withdrawn the program (2022).

Track your performance with a personalised dashboard

We provide you with a dashboard that tracks rental revenues, bookings and reviews. We also give you the ability to set your availability easily online and give you a peace of mind.


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Avoid inconvenience by only booking days you're free


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Track how much you've made in a given month


Track Bookings

Track how many bookings you've gotten in a certain month


Read Reviews

Read the wonderful reviews your guest leaves for your building.

Holiday letting agents in Bridgwater

Bridgwater is an up-and-coming lively town with a rich history and surrounded by amazing country scenery. Bridgwater is famous for its Guy Fawkes Carnival which is also Europe’s largest illuminated carnival. Bridgwater is the perfect stopping point whether you're heading down to Penzance and St Ives or on your way up country. Bristol International Airport, National Rail links and the M5 bring tourists and business travellers from far and wide.

Hinkley Point B is a nuclear power station near Bridgwater and has started to bring many business travellers to the area. Leisure travellers are also attracted to Bridgwater's rich legacy as a port and commercial centre, and its hosting of Europe’s largest illuminated carnival, which lights up the streets every November. Bridgwater's convenient location close to the Quantock Hills, and endless seaside and country scenery has made the town a popular destination for "staycationers" and an ideal location in which to rent out your property through us on sites like Airbnb, and many more. There is a constant need for holiday homes in Bridgwater, particularly in the town centre. However, the rural area is an ideal base for nature lovers, walkers, cyclists and photographers. There is also great demand during events and festivals such as Guy Fawkes Carnival. Pass the Keys Wells & Bridgwater has the experience, technology and passion to optimise your pricing strategy and maximise your Somerset accommodation’s potential. Our holiday let management company provide an end-to-end Airbnb hosting service and manage everything from guest vetting, check-ins, cleaning and maintenance, so you can sit back and relax! For a local holiday let agency with a difference, why not pass us the keys!

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