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Airbnb and Short-let management in Marbella

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Airbnb and Short-let management in Marbella

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What is a professional Airbnb co-host?

Due to the size of our property portfolio and the consistent quality of our service, Pass the Keys® was invited to become an official Airbnb co-host in 2018. This exclusive status provided Pass the Keys with a key account manager and direct integration with their systems so that we could dynamically update pricing, report on guest behavior and other key metrics. We have retained our advantages as a valued partner even though Airbnb has now withdrawn the program (2022).

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What management services does Pass the Keys provide?

We can also provide extra services to help you manage your property, please discuss pricing with your local account manager

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Rental income dashboard

Track the rental income for your short let for any given month and monitor occupancy rates and average daily rates.

Photos after each clean

View the service log to see photos uploaded by the cleaner after each changeover. Have peace of mind that your short let is in excellent condition.

Upcoming guest bookings

View all upcoming guest bookings at a glance. Book unlimited personal stays in your short let property through our calendar by simply blocking the dates.

Guest reviews

Read the wonderful reviews your guests leave for your short let property. See each one as it comes in and your average rating.

Airbnb Management Service in Marbella

Pass The Keys Marbella offers a full end-to-end vacation rental management solution, ensuring that everything is covered so you can put your feet up and relax. We use dynamic pricing software that ensures your property is advertised at the optimum nightly rate to achieve the desired occupancy levels in order to get you the desired income. The entire booking process will be managed by us, from guest enquiry to screening, to preparing a holiday rental contract and police registrations, check-ins and check-outs, arranging cleaners, and offering 24/7 guest support.

The booking process is not the only one we will manage, we will manage your digital listing creations, arrange professional photography services, interior design tips and provide guidance on how to obtain your VFT License, Police Registration and all of the extra bits you need to have in place. We incorporate the best practices in the industry to ensure that we have it all covered, during onboarding we will even set you up with the required first aid kit, complaints book & sign.

Marbella's Vacation Rental Market is on the rise, with no signs of slowing down!

Increased Profitability

The income from holiday rentals is much higher than that of a traditional long or short term rental. Nightly and weekly rates are so much higher in comparison that even a week's holiday rental income can be higher than a one month long term rental income! In most cases an average profitability increase of 300% per month is achievable. We help you achieve this by constantly monitoring pricing and occupancy levels.

Guaranteed Payment

There is a growing concern among landlords about non-payment of rent. For this reason the holiday rental market is very attractive as it offers payment guarantee. The rent is paid in advance, before the guest enters, removing the risk. Apart from this you will receive the extra piece of mind knowing that every booking we take is covered by insurance!

Better Care of Your Property

Contrary to popular belief, experience tells us your property is better maintained and looked after with holiday rentals than a long term rental. In Holiday Rentals the care of your property is controlled through continuous checks and maintenance is regular which helps with things not piling up.

Tax Exemptions and Deductions

Many vacation rental owners are entitled to certain tax exemptions or deductions on property expenses just because it is a short-term rental. Be sure to find out about your own area's regulations in this area.

Access To Your Property

The long term rental option allows a tenant to stay in your property for up to 5 years! Now, we are sure you didn't buy a property in Marbella to never be able to use it. That is why the vacation rental option is perfect, it offers the flexibility needed so that you can also enjoy your little piece of Marbella.

Guest Verification

We know that knowing who is staying in your property is always a concern and that is why we ensure we complete a full guest verification for every single booking we take for your property. You can sleep at night knowing that all guests are fully verified and your property is in good hands.

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