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Airbnb and Short-let management in Mijas

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Airbnb and Short-let management in Mijas

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What is a professional Airbnb co-host?

Due to the size of our property portfolio and the consistent quality of our service, Pass the Keys® was invited to become an official Airbnb co-host in 2018. This exclusive status provided Pass the Keys with a key account manager and direct integration with their systems so that we could dynamically update pricing, report on guest behavior and other key metrics. We have retained our advantages as a valued partner even though Airbnb has now withdrawn the program (2022).

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What management services does Pass the Keys provide?

We can also provide extra services to help you manage your property, please discuss pricing with your local account manager

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Rental income dashboard

You will be able to track your vacation rental income by month and monitor occupancy rates and average daily rates.

You will be able to see real photos after each cleaning

You will be able to check the service logs to see the photos uploaded by the cleaner after each departure. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and in excellent condition.

You will be able to see the calendar of future reservations.

You will see all reservations, you can even book unlimited personal stays at your property by simply blocking the dates.

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Read the wonderful reviews your guests leave about your property. See each one as it arrives and its average rating.

Airbnb Management Service in Mijas

Elevating Short-Term Rental Property Management in Mijas: Empowering Hosts with Pass the Keys

Nestled amidst the scenic vistas and sun-drenched beaches of Mijas, lies a world of opportunity for property owners seeking to unlock the potential of short-term rentals. At the forefront of this rapidly growing market stands Pass the Keys Mijas, a leading short-term rental property management company dedicated to enhancing the host and guest experience through its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a keen focus on empowering hosts, Pass the Keys Mijas provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline operations and maximize occupancy rates and property revenue. From professional photography and dynamic pricing strategies to meticulous property maintenance and 24/7 guest support, Pass the Keys Mijas equips hosts with the tools and expertise needed to succeed in this competitive market.

In partnership with leading booking platforms such as Airbnb, and many more, Pass the Keys Mijas maximizes property visibility and drives bookings, ensuring that hosts reach a global audience of travellers seeking accommodation in beautiful Mijas.

At Pass the Keys Mijas we believe that successful hosting is built on trust, transparency, and impeccable service. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your property is in the hands of local professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, allowing you to enjoy the rewards of your property rental without the stress and hassle.

Experience the difference with Pass the Keys Mijas and unlock the full potential of your property in this captivating corner of the Costa del Sol. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your hosting experience and maximise your rental income.

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